The new Sony are here

After some exciting growth of the rumors, finally, we’ve got the real information about the new Sony DSLR cameras:

Semi-transparent !

Semi-transparent !

Features and specific comments

The feature set is quite impressive for cameras supposed to be low-end and mid-range only. Some of the competition is going to feel the heat.

Sony Alpha 33

As expected, this is a Pellix camera (a semi-transparent mirror provides fast AF while in LiveView or in video capture mode). It climbs up to 10 frame/s continuous shooting and is 1080i HD video-capable.

The sensor is the 14MP APS-C CMOS sensor that we have been seeing a lot around here in the recent weeks.

Sony Alpha 55

Same as Sony Alpha 33, but with a larger (16MP) CMOS sensor.

Impressive enough to immediately receive a “Gold Award” from DPreview.

The A55v version (for USA only, apparently) will include a GPS for geo-tagging of photos and videos.

Sony Alpha 560

The A560 is definitely bringing 1080i HD video to the Sony SLR line; From a 14.2 MP CMOS photo sensor.

Specific to the Alpha 560: It will not be available before early 2011.

No GPS, contrary to rumours.

Sony Alpha 580

Same as Sony Alpha 560, but with a larger (16MP) CMOS sensor.

Nearly immediately available.


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