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  • Will the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) save the photo world?

    With the first expert photo cameras from Sony equipped with electronic viewfinders, the question is more and more often asked whether this is a technological opportunity that the old photo pricks prefer to ignore or an approximate solution aimed only at low-demand customers. As a matter of fact, truth lies somewhere in between those two…

  • Firmware upgrade for Sony A33 & A55

    Firmware upgrade for Sony A33 & A55

    Sony is also announcing that some of the new features of the Sony Alpha 35 will be made available for the older Sony Alpha 33 and Sony Alpha 55. Support for the ‘Picture Effect’ function featured on the new α35 High-Speed Synch is supported during wireless operation with a compatible external flash (α55 only) Revised…

  • Cloud: Sony SLT-A33 and A55 in 50 words

    Cloud: Sony SLT-A33 and A55 in 50 words

  • Discontinued Sony cameras

    Discontinued Sony cameras

    Messages from all over the world are announcing that Sony is currently discontinuing a number of SLR cameras: Sony Alpha 580 (from Singapore and other) Sony Alpha SLT 33 The most common interpretation of such news is that Sony is preparing a large number of official launches in the coming weeks. Most probably they will…

  • How to remove the mirror of a Sony Alpha 55?

    You don’t necessarily want to do this, but it’s relatively easy to remove the semi-transparent mirror of a Sony Alpha 33 or a Sony Alpha 55. YouTube link YouTube link

  • Sony video: “This is not a dysfunction”

    Sony video: “This is not a dysfunction”

    Exclusive Sony France interview for Today, I’ve got a rather detailed talk with Édouard Schmitt, Sony France Alpha Product Manager, who helped me go over the current situation created by the announcement made by Sony a few days ago when they revealed that the digital sensor of the Alpha SLT-A33 and Alpha SLT-A55 could…

  • Sony Alpha 33/55: No video

    If you want to see a company suffering the worst pain at the worst possible moment, just look at Sony. In 2009, they repeated us that they would not add video to the DSLR photo cameras until it would be perfectly right and the half-baked solutions from Canon and Nikon where indirect justifications to this…

  • Sony A33/A55 overheating

    Sony A33/A55 overheating

    According to Sony, there are some issues in the digital photo-video sensor of the Alpha 33 and Alpha 55. When used continuously, it can overheat. After a few minutes of use (mostly in video mode, but possibly in LiveView too), the sensor will overheat (effect is unclear). The best (albeit partial) solution is to stop…

  • Sigma lenses: not for the Sony Alpha SLT

    Sigma issued a press release to inform users that their Minolta-Sony-compatible lenses may have issues in handling the aperture when used on the newest Sony Alpha SLT (Semi-Transparent Mirror) Alpha 33 and Alpha 55. Be warned.