Why not 1 ISO?

Rapid Falls at Capilla del Señor
Creative Commons License photo credit: lrargerich

This is some sort of silly question, but when people look at ISO sensitivity, we tend to be impressed by the increasingly higher values (which mean that you can take pictures without much light and without adding a flash). But no manufacturer seems not willing to offer us the low ISO values of sensitivity.

Of course, it’s always possible to buy a ND filter (Neutral Density or grey filter). But then, why not integrate this directly in-camera? After all, it’s only a matter of using computer algorithms to help digital sensors not to collect all of the possible light, a thing like taking several pictures in a row but with a very high speed sequence.

The advantage would be to allow the sort of images that many a landscape photographer likes nowadays: You screw a dark ND filter, shoot at very slow speed and get the water movement as in the image here.

So, who’s going to bring that technical innovation to a DSLR camera?