Photoshop CS6: a preview of the alpha version

The future of Photoshop CS6 has been recently shown at MAX2010, the Adobe conference in Los Angeles.

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I believe that the really impressive part of this technical demonstration is the set of automatisms which operate -essentially- by showing the machine an example of the result to reach rather than finding the right settings (as in this first example where the settings are automatically computed to reproduce the graphic style of the American photographer Ansel Adams). Clearly, Adobe keeps pushing Photoshop into more features built to reach a goal (sometimes a very ambitious one) rather than simply provide raw computer tools. And the magical de-blurring tool (registered trademark) is impressive too.

It’s really at the core of the idea of empowering the photographer. This is Photoshop CS6 (avant-première) before Photoshop CS6.

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9 responses to “Photoshop CS6: a preview of the alpha version”

  1. Ali Avatar

    I can’t wait to see it.

  2. mookiemu Avatar

    Why are you in x11?

  3. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar


    What do you mean with “in x11”?

  4. GB1 Avatar

    After Adobe’s snake-oil media presentation of Content Aware a few years ago, where they showed everyone how great it was in removing trees and things, and where many artists found out after the bought it that it *wasn’t even close* to as good as their dog and pony show claimed, can we really believe these demos??

  5. Nivo Avatar

    I agree, after seeing the massive fail of the content aware system – none of these demos do anything for me anymore.

  6. bryan grant Avatar

    another reason to hand over more $$ to adobe

  7. Stan Avatar

    Good, bad, they all cost a lot.

  8. Indigo Avatar

    Seeing the negative comments about content aware I wanted to add my thoughts. Content aware does still work amazingly well and better than what we had before. It is too true that the demo for content aware was just the photoshop team showing off the best of it and not the middle ground as an unbiased demo needs to be, but it is still a tool that I use daily and do not want to be without. I certainly do not think it, as someone working professionally in photo manipulation, that it is a “massive fail”.

  9. Michael Ma Avatar
    Michael Ma

    It is true, Adobe did market Content Aware Fill/Scale as almost a fool proof tool to fix shots made without any effort, so that you can make magic in your photographs, again, without any effort. It turned out to be quite the opposite. It is still a very powerful tool, when used right. It can often do what no other tools can do in one shot, and a lot of the times, it needs no further touch-ups. This translates to less time you spend touching up photographs.

    Translating that to what we see here, sure, you can try to automate the post processing. Sometimes it will be great, sometimes it will be unusable. But it will be a great tool to have in the bag to save you time.