Let’s clean the Pentax K-5 stains

Pentax finally admitted a manufacturing issue (either in the production process or in quality control) on the recent Pentax K-5. Most of the very first users had observed small stains on the digital sensor of their K5. Contrary to dust stains (unfortunately very common on all digital SLR cameras), this defect can not be wiped away by cleaning.

Pentax K-5, stains on the sensor

It has to go through a repai (replacement of the sensor of the anti-aliasing filter, apparently).

Pentax will do it for free.

Pentax K5 : Scratch

Apparently, this comes from very little scratches on the surface of the sensor. Combined small size, immediate proximity with the sensor (the AA filter is stuck directly on the sensor) and the softening action of the filter explain the roundish stain appearance rather than a simpler rectilinear mark.

These marks are not present of the digital SLR from Sony or Nikon even though they use the same sensor. So, it is quite easy to sort out possible root causes:

  • Some bad handling or minor errors in the Pentax manufacturing process.
  • A defective anti-aliasing (AA) filter added by Pentax (Sony and Nikon do not use the same filter).
  • At worst, a machine defect or a tool issue in the Pentax plant.

Visibly, Pentax quickly identified the actual cause and could correct it as quickly. This pushes me toward the internal Pentax issue hypothesis. I admit that from my own Quality Management background, I would really appreciate getting more precise information. It should be interesting to understand Pentax quality ability.

So, now the only thing left is to repair the Pentax K-5 involved in this.