Sigma SD1 Merill

Sigma SD1: Back to mental stability

After trying to sell their SD1 Digital SLR camera at the unreasonable price of $9,700 or 7,000€ or £6,199.99 (inc VAT), Sigma finally decided that customers are not completely wackos about the camera and just announced a much more normal price of $3300 (with a minimum advertised street price of $2200/2500€).

It may seem still too high, but it is in direct relation with the reality of the market for a rather exceptional digital sensor.

The only difference is that Sigma re-brands the camera as SD1 Merrill (adding the name of the inventor of the Foveon sensor included in the camera).

Sigma SD1 Merill
Sigma SD1 Merill






2 responses to “Sigma SD1: Back to mental stability”

  1. Stan Avatar

    Comapre this price to the nex Nikon D800. Both are at the same price, but the performance is not even comaprable. I would not even think of buying a Sigma if I did nto have a bunch of old Sigma lenses to keep.

  2. Stan Avatar

    And i don’t believe a word of what they say about the manufacturing costs.