Sometimes, I see a few photos that are really astonishing. Today, I would like to share the work of two photographers who have impressed me with subjects which may appear easy: Waves.

However, both of them did a great job of showing them in ways that make them shine.

Warren Keelan

You should visit his websiteInstagramFacebook500px, and Twitter.

Even better, you can buy the 2020 calendar edited by Warren from some of his best pictures. A good way to keep looking at these photographs all eyar long.

Rachael Talibart

Growing in Southeast England, Rachael spent quite some time in her father’s boat. Apparently, she did not find the experience very pleasant and she did not grow into a great sailor, but into a great photographer, both fascinated and inspired by the waves of a furious sea.

Several major storms gave her the opportunity to go and shoot waves in violent conditions, leading to superb images that most people would not know how to create in most cases. Her website is full of gorgeous such pictures.