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  • Upscaling a photo with free AI

    Upscaling a photo with free AI

    Problem statement Sometimes, I am somewhat dissatisfied with the size of my digital photographs. The simplest way to improve (after the fact) is to run any Photoshop-like program, and apply a resampling (resize) preferably with the Lanczos method, in order to get 2x or 3x or 4x more pixels. It is fast and efficient, but…

  • Fast identify your USB drives and sticks

    Fast identify your USB drives and sticks

    We are handling so many memory cards and USB thumb drives that it is often quite unpleasant to recognize them all. Sometimes, because it is difficult to find them in the photographer bag, sometimes because all these look alike when plugged into our computers. wouldn’t it be great if we had a simple way to…

  • Is this the best camera manual?

    Is this the best camera manual?

    We always complain about the quality of user manuals of our cameras. We sometimes complain about the environmental impact of their useless paper. Here is a delightfully intelligent solution to it: Make the packaging double as a user manual (or re-use the materials of the manual into a clever packaging for the DSLR camera). Please…

  • Light leaks on Sony A7 and A7r

    Light leaks on Sony A7 and A7r

    The small hybrid cameras with interchangeable lenses from Sony, the Sony A7 and A7r know quite a (expected) success but the manufactured just recognized a fairly big fail: a A light leakage is possible between the body and the lens at the lens attachement. Not good…. The lens mount lets some light leak into the…

  • Repair the D300s

    Repair the D300s

    Before the D400 comes and replaces the Nikon D300s, let’s see how you can repair the pent bent pin from a CF card connector. A time-lapse video. YouTube link

  • Lens repair

    You must not be too easily frightened to go and reapir your own photographic lenses. But with some patience, some tidiness and a lot of concentration… This is exactly what Fredy Willette of Alpha-Numérique teaches us in his article Réparation d’un problème d’engrenage sur un objectif non motorisé (Google English translation).

  • Nikon D7000 – Disassembly

    Nikon D7000 – Disassembly

    How would you take your Nikon D7000 apart? If you are not sure, I suggest you have a look at the following video from Thailand. YouTube link However, I would strongly suggest that you would try this only if the camera is broken and it’s already out of warranty. The Nikon D7000 is a fragile…

  • A Soviet Photoshop

    A Soviet Photoshop

    A little historical gem: Soviet Russia had found a way to automate the photo image retouching jobs before the invention of Photoshop but with the help of a rotary scanner. YouTube link

  • Links between a flash and a studio

    A photographic studio is not only a place where there are too many cables on the floor. It could also be an excuse to find a lot of useful web links: High Speed Sync for flash at any shutter speed Almost Free DIY Paper Diffuser (Strobist) High Speed Photography Studio at Home You also have…