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Comparison new Sony, old Nikon, Canon [updated]

In a few hours, the two new SLR photo cameras from Sony, the Sony Alpha 77 and Sony Alpha 65 will be fully official. Since a lot of information reached our ears already through a number of different leaks, it is now possible to make a few educated guesses and to attempt a comparison with…

New reviews listed

I just added a large quantity of camera reviews in all the SLR camera pages. About 15 of them, in all languages starting with English of course, but also in French and in Spanish. Most of them are for the Sony Alpha 55. Many reviewers have been attracted to this innovative photo camera.

Canon, Nikon are afraid of Sony

OK! Maybe not statue-frozen by fright, but Amateur Photographer gave us today a few interesting data points showing that Sony quickly progresses in the photo market including in the interchangeable lens camera segment. AP tells us that on the Japanese market, where Nikon and Canon together loose about 11% of market share, Sony reaches the…