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Give a mini-SLR

This is time for Christmas gifts. Why not a camera for your loved one? And one you always can keep with you. You can buy it from Photojojo complete with a set of lenses, but it’s only a model.


Melissa Brandt just wanted to take a photo of her husband and herself. But, as it happens sometimes, an intruder came into the frame. Except that this time it is a ground squirrel from Banff National Park who came checking the photo camera.

Trash your photos

Photofunia is a fun way to transform your photos in a way that is technically interesting. You will surprise your friends with dozens of cool (and free) effects. For example, I created this weirder than weird image of Michael Jackson (from the thumbnail shown below).

Could I get your photo for free?

This is a question more common than you would think. And this is the worst situation for a pro-photographer: All these people who would want the artwork fro nothing. And would we dare discuss/bargain/complain/negotiate the same way with some other professions? YouTube link