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  • iPhone/Android: YLovePhoto custom sized

    iPhone/Android: YLovePhoto custom sized

    For all of us who are using only a small screen to look at YLovePhoto, I just launched a new ultra-light template. If you see it appear but you prefer to keep the usual wide-size template, you just have to drop to the bottom of the page and change the “Mobile Theme” option .

  • More iPhone 4 than Nikon D90 on Flickr

    More iPhone 4 than Nikon D90 on Flickr

    Flickr just published some data showing that the most commonly used camera on the photo sharing web site is no longer the Nikon D90. It has been overtaken by the iPhone 4. Source: Thanks to Boing Boing.

  • iPhone/iPad special

    For all visitors to YLovePhoto who prefer to use their iPhone or their iPad, here is a little favor to improve their comfort. If you use the button of your Safari browser (either a + or the small add icon shown below), you will get access to the “Add to Home Screen” menu item to…

  • Big Picture iPad app

    Do you know the excellent The Big Picture web site? It hosts marvelous sets of pro news photographs. I admit freely that I always keep an eye on this excellent source. Today, I learn that Boston.com (which is hosting The Big Picture) launches a new iTunes application for the iPad. And this is a great…

  • Big lenses for the iPhone

    After some years of people trying to hook big lenses onto an iPhone (like above), there is now somebody trying to make this a serious affair: Here is the prototype of something that could become a real product from Vid-Atlantic, a way to solidly attach a Nikon DSLR lens to your iPhone. Little cameras like…

  • An iPhone for fashion photography

    After that, don’t tell me that the iPhone 3GS is not really a camera. Vimeo link Of course, the final photos have been edited in Photoshop afterwards, but isn’t it the case for all studio work?

  • Micro-focus using an iPhone

    As a matter of fact, this tool is simply able to control a digital SLR camera. The big button on the side is a knob to set the focus and it is de-multiplied enough to warrant the name of micro-focus. Bu the most surprising or the most noticeable is that if you have an iPhone…

  • SD card compatibility for the iPhone

    It’s been a long time since the first complaint of some photographers using the iPhone about the lack of external memory storage on the Apple top-of-the-line phone. There certainly are good reasons from Apple (Ed.: which ones?) but the need is still there. And, in our economy, when there is a need, there is somebody…

  • Lenses for iPhone

    Your iPhone is probably not at the same quality level as your other(s) photo camera(s). But since the arrival of the iPhone 3G-S it looks more and more like a cute small photo notepad. But you still had no option to extend its lens with lens converters of any kind. This is corrected by Factron,…