Full Frame Nikon

This is all over the Internet rumours now. People think that Nikon is going to unveil a new 35mm Full Frame SLR camera at around 24MP. Let’s summarized what has been popping everywhere:

  • The Nikon D3 is getting more difficult to find (this would be a signal that its replacement is coming)
  • Announcement is scheduled for November 20th (but nobody seems to have any details and is just repeating the same tired old news).
  • People speak about a Nikon D3x or a Nikon D400 (the latest fad), but nobody really knows its name, though. Even, the guy who sent poor photos to Nikon Rumours earlier this month.
  • A German Nikon web site has been seen using a D3_2 name for a folder to store firmwares (could mean anything).
  • But most interestingly, the Sony sensor guys revealed that they no longer intend to sell their 24MP sensor to outsiders. This is a major change compared to the previous deals between Nikon and Sony that led successfull cameras like the Nikon D200. That probably removes most of the fuel from the previous rumours of 24MP sensor size. Nikon would be ready to use any size as far as it is larger than the one from the Nikon D700.

Did I say BIG?

I would not be much surprised if I saw a really large pixel count… Stay tuned.