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  • Summary-Analysis of Nikon rumors

    While Summer heat (in the Northern hemisphere) starts to have a heavy influence on our dreams of holidays and on our ability to think clearly, we are more and more to wonder what Nikon is preparing us: The launch of the Nikon D7000 is now far in the past in mid-2010, the entry-level range is…

  • Nikon D3 slow motion – Continuous 11 fps

    Nikon D3 slow motion – Continuous 11 fps

    Did you look into a pro camera shooting continuously at its top speed? Here is a Nikon D3 at 11 frames per second. YouTube link

  • White Nikon D3

    Wouldn’t it be cool for weddings photographers? Yes, but probably uselessly ridicule…

  • Nikon D3 promo, Joe McNally

    A reknown photographer (Joe McNally), a desert, an elephant, a top model and a full studio. YouTube link

  • Half a Nikon D3

    Is it now a Nikon D1.5? This is a nice presentation of a Nikon D3 neatly cut in half. It’s showing all the inside of the camera and lens. Instructive. Source: TokyoBling.

  • A bunch of Nikon D3x papers

    Did you notice that there is a real deluge of information around one of the most expensive digital SLR camera, the Nikon D3x? I was ready to close the subject, but I could not avoid giving you a few pointers to some of the most interesting articles. DigitalRev speaks about the D3x sensor resolution: Did…

  • Sony Alpha 900 vs. Nikon D3

    Comparing two SLR cameras with very very different prices is realy a tough task. So tough that it is often useless. In the Online Photographer, Michael Johnston still tries this daunting task of comparing the Sony Alpha 900 and the Nikon D3. These are two cameras that are mostly linked by the fact that they…

  • Nikon D900, D4 or D3x?

    Let’s make a summary of the current status of the information that is available (for real or as rumours) about the next SLR camera from Nikon. Plenty of people actually expect it to be the replacement of the Nikon D3 camera. I have to admit that there is a lot of rumours and convergent thinking…

  • Full Frame Nikon

    This is all over the Internet rumours now. People think that Nikon is going to unveil a new 35mm Full Frame SLR camera at around 24MP. Let’s summarized what has been popping everywhere: The Nikon D3 is getting more difficult to find (this would be a signal that its replacement is coming) Announcement is scheduled…