Time lapse 1: Snails

Time-lapse movies are actually photos taken at a relatively slow pace (for example, one photo per minute or one photo per second) and assembled into one long sequence displayed as a video movie. What is slow will appear fast.

Interestingly, it can be done by nearly anybody with:

  • A good camera
  • A tripod
  • Some patience or a timer

Remember that you can easily do it with your own camera (not even an SLR camera), that you should use the following settings to have the best possible result:

  • Manual focus
  • Manual exposure (set diaphragm aperture and shutter speed)
  • Fixed white-balance

One example from PlayingWithTime is shown here:

QuickTime™ 5 is required to view this movie. Click here to download the plug-in.

So, you too can have fun and show us your work.

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