Photography in a forest

Sometimes, in the past, I wondered if it would be difficult to shoot animals in a forest. When I traveled to Amazonia, I could observe by myself that it is much more difficult than elsewhere (and specifically more difficult than in Brazil’s Pantanal).

The obstacles:

  • Animals are often high in the trees (nearly never creeping on the ground). So, they are far from you. You need a long tele lens with a very powerful image stabilization.
  • Animals are often back-lighted (everything turns gray, even the most colorful tucan toco as below)
  • It is sometimes very difficult to go through the vegetation, but you need to cross to the clearings (or you can use the banks of a river

The following video (found on the Internet) will give you an idea of what I mean.

Then, you only (!) have to stay aware of the difficulties, to take them into account in choosing what equipment to bring (tele lens, tripod, monopod, good walking shoes, etc.) and to be attentive to the solutions you can use to work around the toughest issues (avoid back-lighted situations, use the High-Dynamic mode of your SLR photo camera, etc.)