Sony 2010 roadmap

Photo-Rumors reveals what could well be the Sony roadmap for the year 2010. You were expecting a pause, you will be disappointed. Competition will still be intense:

  • 7-10 January 2010 (CES, Las Vegas) : announcement of Sony A950, 32 MP FF, still no video, high ISO).
  • January-April : tele-lens 600mm.
  • 10-15 April (NAB, Las Vegas) : Sony A1000, hybrid SLR photo+video.
  • A Sony A150 at bottom price (no AF motor).
  • 8-10 September 2010 (Fotokina) : Sony A820, small body 32 MP SLR, SD cards, video, in-camera flash, low-cost viewfinder.

but AmateurPhotographer goes as far as asserting that Sony is going to develop a new intermediate range of cameras with 4/3 sensors and an electronic viewfinder (EVF).

Did you spot what is missing? Do you really believe that the Sony Alpha 700, which is rumored to be leaving the warehouses and ready for a replacement, will be waiting all 2010 letting Full Frames take all the light from the spot lights? Would you really believe that the new AF sub-system recently presented here will be left with no application. I’ve been told that this roadmap is essentially “too short”.

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