158 lenses = 1 photo camera

Associate professor Yojiro Ishino and his students at the Nagoya Institute of Technology obtained an official recognition of their achievement when the Guinness World Records certified them as holding the world record for a camera with largest number of lenses.

Record camera with 158 lenses

Record camera with 158 lenses

Usually, a DSLR has 1 lens attached. Some 3D cameras have two.


This piece of technological achievement has four rows of 39 or 40 lenses allowing it to take 3D images of complex objects like a flame using Computed Tomography (CT) technology.

As could be expected the lenses are quite small (2 cm in diameter, less than an inch) and cheap, and mounted on an aluminum structure. It reminds me of the 120 photo camera structure created for the slow motion “bullet time” sequences: Many photo cameras triggered in sequence. Same idea but for a smaller object and a much more affordable price.