Panoramas like a pro: EPIC Pro

GigaPan announces a new motorized panorama head: Epic Pro. This robot-like tripod-based camera mount automatizes the shooting of pictures that will be assembled into one giant panorama image. This leaves GigaPan with a full range of panorama mounts:

GigaPan range of panorama heads

GigaPan range of panorama heads

The EPIC costs $349, the EPIC 100 $449 and the EPIC Pro $895. All three should start shipping in April 2010.

With these, you will be ready to do great panoramas. If you want to get some inspiration, I suggest you jump to this panorama of Paris, France: 26 billion pixels.

Paris @ 26 giga-pixels

Paris @ 26 giga-pixels

Nota bene: I love this image image because I live in Paris, but I have to admit that when you zoom deeply into it, you will see that the photo should have been a little more crispy and detailed. And be sure to cut to loud speaker before jumping to

If you want to have fun, you could look for the two clocks showing a different time and the old guy in front of his window.

Thanks to and Mash.

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  1. Guy
    September 2, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    You mixed up the Epic and Epic 100 in the picture.

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