Photokina: Expectations for Pentax

After a serious overhaul of its low-end, Pentax must now push its best products up. It wi ball he easier because 2010 has been quite favorable to Pentax. The successful launch of the 645D (despite its stratospheric price) has convinced Pentax product marketing department that it is possible to aim high again.

We are promised two new models for the next Photokina (in September 2010 in Köln):

  • A Pentax K5 will come and locate itself just under the current Pentax K7 insisting on filling the gap between it and the Pentax K-x (many photographers have been rightfully convinced and need to be push to more ambitious cameras).
  • The Pentax K7 has had a nice shelf life and is worth replacing now, but this requires a lot of investment that has not been fully completed. Pentax would only be able to bring one better model still very similar to the K7 (addition of a video capture mode, better sensitivity, maybe a faster AF system).

But if all Pentax lovers keep dreaming about a Full Frame D-SLR camera, even when they believe that they spotted the right sensor in the Cypress catalog (unfortunately, this 25MP sensor is really not adequate yet), all we hear tells us that there is at least 6 months to a year of waiting. The time lost there will be used by the Research and Development teams to work on improving the auto-focus algorithms and the speed of the shutter.

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