Nikon D500 user manuals – ready for download

You can get the Nikon D500 user manual (or more…

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Nikon D5 user manual – ready for download

You can get the Nikon D5 user manual (or more…

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Download the Sony A77II documents

Some of the Sony Alpha 77II documents are available to…

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Bonjour Paris

Paris – Saigon, an hyperlapse trip

Two cities in completely different worlds. But they were shot…

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Vincent Munier - Wolf

Vincent Munier fears no snow

Wildlife photographer Vincent Munier short documentary film, titled “Arctique” is…

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AF settings for a Canon 5D Mk III

Autofocusing guides

What could be more frustrating that holding a DLSR camera…

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Office desktop

Choose the best monitor for photography

Even before your camera, the computer monitor is the tool…

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Northern Lights (panorama)

Photograph Northern Lights

It appears that 2015 and 2016 are the stage for…

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A flipboard for YLovePhoto

A few changes for YLovePhoto in 2016. Starting with the…

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Vincent Munier

Best tips to shoot in Winter

Cold weather is coming back real quick now, but this…

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Upside down iceberg

Iceberg – Upside down

Some photos are somewhat more difficult to biuld than others.…

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Is this the best camera manual?

We always complain about the quality of user manuals of…

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Leopard EYE

Why is the Canon 200-400mm so amazing?

Yes, I know. The Canon 200-400mm f/4 ext 1.4 costs…

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Unpacking the Canon 200-400mm f/4 ext 1.4

The Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Internal…

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Creative Cloud not working

Lessons from the Adobe Creative Cloud down incident

If you are using Adobe Creative Cloud (the recent subscription-based…

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Sony A6000 User Manual

Sony A6000 user manual

Sony is not as paranoid as others about hiding there…

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Nikon D4s user manuals

Today, let’s celebrate! I got the user manuals of the…

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A77 successor – When?

The Sony Alpha 77 (or A77) has now more than…

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Sony A7r

Light leaks on Sony A7 and A7r

The small hybrid cameras with interchangeable lenses from Sony, the…

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Canon logo

Canon would abandon point-and-shoots

For sure, the recent financial report [PDF] from Canon shows…

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Nikon to repair D600 for free (update)

…but in the US only, for now. It seems that…

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Nikon D4 User Manual

Like many people, when you prepare to buy an expensive…

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Metz insolvency: End of an era for Flash accessories

This is coming from Reuters: The German manufacturer of flashes…

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9/11 seen from space

A few hours after the collapse of the Twin Towers,…

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Did you live before the digital age of photography?

This is the question I want to ask you after…

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