Pentax K30D, still in preparation?

The Pentax representatives and PR people keep telling us that the Pentax K20D is not replaced by the newest Pentax K-7. So, what? Do you replace the K20D or not?

The answer could come from Samsung, forever-partner of Pentax for digital SLR photo cameras. The network of informers in direct contact with Samsung keeps repeating that Samsung is ready to launch a new SLR camera, probably to be named GX-30, as soon as next 7th of July. Of course, this is soft music to the ears of Samsung lovers (I have to admit that they are more numerous in Asia than in Europe, by far), but it’s also source of wonderment in the Pentax lovers ranks. They immediately rushed to the near-obvious conclusion that the Pentax K30D is around the corner (since, usually, Samsung launches its copy of the Pentax design a few days or a few weeks after the Pentax original).

So, a Pentax K30D before the end of June? Then, a Samsung GX-30 right after that?

It’s not so sure. Pentax and Samsung could well be on the verge of splitting their strategies and going on different roads. Instead of sharing all of their SLR camera designs, the two brands could start diverging in 2009 and 2010. That would give a Samsung GX-30 which would not be a Pentax K30D…



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2 responses to “Pentax K30D, still in preparation?”

  1. BlackJack Avatar

    No Pentax.

    Samusung is going to do a copy of 7D in Samsung guise. Under name of GX30

  2. vix Avatar

    bad bad, close company