Sony Alpha 560 and Alpha 580

If you listen to ramblings, it is now clear that the next DSLR photo cameras from Sony will be APS-C cameras from the Alpha series:

  • Alpha 33
  • Alpha 55
  • Alpha 560
  • Alpha 580

The first two (Sony Alpha 33 and Alpha 55) would be entry-level cameras able to capture HD video and using the semi-transparent mirror already mentioned here and allowing to maintain autofocus in LiveView and HD video modes.

The next two (Sony Alpha 560 and Alpha 580) would be mid-range cameras announced by Sony in the middle of the beginning of the year. They are also able to grab AVCHD video but with a simpler architecture.

They share the two new CMOS photo sensors from Sony, a 14 MP sensor and a 16 MP sensor, at the heart of the rush for video started with the NEX-VG10 video camera, recently shown to the press (HD video based on the 14 MP sensor). They should all have a DOF preview button, continuous AF during video capture with 15-point AF, panorama stitching, 3D picture capacity, state-of-the-art ISO sensitivity (read “much better than A700”).

PR also tells us that the Alpha 560 has been spotted in Jakarta, but no pictures yet. So, it may still be a false lead.

But then, where is the successor to the Alpha 700? Has Sony decided to step back into the A5x0 range? Or will the A750 be a pre-announcement only?




One response to “Sony Alpha 560 and Alpha 580”

  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    The only photos shown by PR about the “Jakarta leak” are the unmarked prototypes already shown in last February. We still have to wait and see more about the Alpha 560 and Alpha 580.