Top 10 posts of YLovePhoto in 2010

YLovePhoto big logo (1000)

Celebrating the 1000th post on YLovePhoto (actually, the 2000th, since nearly all posts are written both in French and in English), I took a few minutes to check what were the 2010 posts that the readers of YLovePhoto preferred (actually the ones with the most visits).

to my eyes, this is a wonderful panorama of what the readers of YLovePhoto are. All brands interest them, but they are definitely looking at the high-end gear, at the expert photography. The news are good, the difference between a rumor and data is understood, but they want all the best sources for their information.

You are enthusiastic photographers, attentive to the good gear, to drawing the best out of it and targeting an intelligent approach of photography. From here, it looks good and comforting to have such a fair readership to serve again in 2011.